There is a crack in everything, that is how the light comes in


Intention for the blog

I have been thinking of starting a blog for a long time.  Words of Wisdom that touch my heart. Not necessarily my own words. When I catch a glimpse here and there from people I speak to, from books or podcasts, something happens inside myself and I say, stop, say that again, or if that is not possible I grasp for a piece of paper to write on.  I would like to share those pieces of wisdom and other insights that dawns upon me. The world is full of them. We all carry wisdom inside ourselves and when we build on each other it turns into collective wisdom.  My intention with this blog is to share words of wisdom, insights and reflections related to my life and maybe, hopefully, you who read this will be touched by it  in some way and bring it on.

There is a crack in everything, that is how the light gets in

Many times we need a specific context or a container for the words of wisdom to flow and insights to come. For me nature is such a container. It is holding, it can be challenging with tough winds, rain and thunder, but it is still holding in its natural beauty.  It is similar to life. We encounter hard winds, storms, thunder, sometimes it is foggy, and we cannot understand why we have to go through so much, but on the other side of the challenges there is a clearing, maybe even sunshine.  Like Leonard Cohan said” there is a crack in everything that´s how the light gets in”. 

At present, with the Corona pandemic, many people on the globe are struggling to find their bearings. What can I hold on to?  The answer is: a lot. Probably there is someone you can call family, hopefully you have some friends and most importantly you have yourself. Your trust in yourself and your capabilities. A human being is adaptable. It is the survival gene inside all of us. It can be comforting to remember. Life might not look the same if we fast forward a year from now, we might have to let go of old patterns and ways of doing things and open up to other possibilities.  It is difficult to let go and to let come, but that is how the light gets in.


Imagine … John Lennon´s lyrics come to my mind:

Imagine all the people living a life in peace,

You may say I’m a dreamer

But I’m not the only one

I hope some day you’ll join us

And the world will be as one……

During my lifetime, the world has never been so close to “be as one” as now. We are in all this together. The world is put on a PAUSE button and we have a possibility to imagine that something that is good for the world and mother earth comes out of this. Also, something that will serve each and every one of us.  Imagine, the word has such a power. It is vibrating with possibilities. Our ability to imagine, visualize and dream is there for all of us.  Many times we stop ourselves from dreaming and imagining. It feels intimidating. Who am I to…. We get caught in worries and the currents that bring us downwards. Up up up you go, saying those words to myself brings a sensation of lightness to my body. What if I go up, what can I see?  What do I want to dream into being?

Up up up you go

For many months now I have forgotten to go upwards. I have been in a downward spiral due to a relationship problem with someone who is close to my heart. My body has reacted, and I have got all kinds of new symptoms. It is interesting how interrelated our body, mind and soul are. A human being is a holistic system.

As I write this, I realise how important it is for me at this stage to take an observer perspective towards myself. This cannot go on. I get caught in emotions and self-pity. Up, up, up you go….what do I see? I see two people with different needs. I am hurt, another person is hurt. I think we both need to feel that we are understood, which does not necessarily mean that we can meet the other person´s need. That is where acceptance come in.

Inquiry for you

❤️ If you say the phrase Up, up, up you go to yourself, what is it that you see from an observer perspective?

❤️ What is that would serve you to imagine?