Coaching Executives and Groups

Coaching Executives and Groups

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Our planet needs us, our team needs us, our family and friends need us. There are so many needs to meet but in order to be of service and contribute with our gifts, first and foremost we need to be in touch with ourselves.  What is my purpose? Who do I choose to be in this increasingly complex world?

Our coaching approach

 We come from a holistic coaching approach, your whole self matters.  We work as a sounding board enabling clients to move forward with efficiency and grace in challenging situations. We use many years of both business and coaching experience to support clients in finding their inner wisdom when moving forward. And yes, we do share our opinion but most importantly it is a reflection space which enables you to find your answers. 

Sharing with someone from outside the organisation offers a strictly confidential space. 

InterRelate has a global network of very skilled Executive coaches and most of our coaching is done virtually.

Coaching Circles

 We also create groups of people coming from different departments within a company, or from different companies. This is typically a group of 5-7 people where we coach each person with the collective wisdom of the group as a mutual support. This fosters deep cross functional networks.

We are certified in sophisticated developmental tools

The Leadership Circle Profile 360

Read more about Leadership Circle here

The Leadership Circle Profile, LCP,  is a 360 that supports development like no other 360 we have come across. It maps the creative and reactive tendencies in your leadership and helps you balance your focus on tasks and relationships.


The Leadership Development Framework, LDF

Read more about The Leadership Development Framwork here

The LDF is a sophisticated framework for development of senior leaders. Research proofs that a person´s meaning-making influences almost  everything we do. Leading in complex roles and settings make meaning- making more difficult, but also more important. The LDF presents nine different forms of meaning-making, Action Logics.  Each Action Logic has specific opportunities and dilemmas.  Awareness about your action logic and how to develop can be transformative for dealing with complexity and succeeding in an executive role.  

To learn more, please read the HBR article “The seven transformations of leadership” by David Rooke and Bill Torbert.  

The Seven transformations of Leadership by David Rooke

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