The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are

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“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”
Joseph Campbell

Life has different chapters

Adult life has different chapters. The chapter of the student being full of energy and hope for the future, the chapter of freedom when we can dive into work and enjoy the satisfaction of getting a salary, then the beautiful but busy years of raising a family and settling down. After these years there might be a chapter of midlife crisis. We have put a ladder against a professional wall, and we are climbing up the ladder but is the ladder leaning against the right wall? At the age of 42 this led me to a reorientation from being employed towards the professional life I am living today. Now again I am asking myself the questions: What is here now? What am I moving towards?

The Corona crises has opened up the possibility to sense into my next chapter. How can I continue to make a positive difference while connecting even more to my true nature? Every time we resist our true nature we fall out of flow with life. I have been struggling these past months and maybe it is because something more of my whole self wants to be honored in order to embody my best self.

Unleashing the feminine

I would like to let go of that part of me that uses pressure instead of pleasure as a driving force. I know the achiever and good girl all too well. I have pushed myself hard, still feeling I don´t get enough done, and almost felt guilty for resting. Part of my future journey is surrendering to more joy and the wild, wise woman within, the divine feminine and its ability to heal. Men also has this capability but since I am a woman who has leaned into my masculine side for many years, what needs more attention is the feminine. I see the feminine as somewhat mysterious, it is more about sensing, receiving and caring, which is different from the executive result-oriented energy that I find in my masculine side.   

The gateway to our aliveness

Vacation opens up the possibility for me to set the intention of enjoying the being mode and consciously explore the sensing and receiving. Today I found myself sitting listening to the rain in a dreamy state. It was a pleasure! The elements of nature and of mother Earth has the quality of unconditional love. It is always there for us. Most of us are not trained in sensing. Amanda Blake speaks in her book about how Your Body is Your Brain.  There is so much information in every precious moment if we can allow ourselves drop into our body and connect to whatever sensations we experience. It is the gateway to our aliveness.

This morning I embarked on my vacation journey when I took the boat from Stockholm to a small house in the archipelago with pine trees and the sea at my footstep. My promise to myself this summer is to take daily intuitive walks in nature paying attention to what I sense while being open to whatever I receive in the moment. It will serve me well. Presence is energy in motion.

❤️ How can you continue to make a positive difference while connecting even more to your true nature? What qualities need to be brought into the light?

❤️ What do you need to let go of in order to move from pressure towards more pleasure as a driving force in your life?