About Agneta Dieden

About Agneta Dieden

Creating space for wisdom & meaning

The American philosopher Jospeh Campbell said: Life has no meaning. Each of us has meaning and we bring it to life.  As a facilitator and coach I create a space for reflection and inquiry.

My purpose is to be a catalyst for people connecting to their inner wisdom which is ever-present. I want to inspire the steady flow of life force that flows from the depth of our souls. I wish to open doors where people can see more dimensions and thus inspire transformation enabling acts from love and compassion instead of from fear.

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Deep and wide experience

  • Master in Industrial and Management Engineering, Linköping Tekniska Högskola
  • Psychology, Stockholm University
  • Psychosynthesis Therapist
  • Many years of working in organisations : IBM, Ray & Berndtson(executive search), Oxford Leadership
  • ORSC- Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching certified
  • PCC- Coaching Certification by ICF
  • Certified in Leadership Circle (in depth 360 feedback)
  • Certified in LDF, Leadership Development Framework
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Authenticity, Courage, Curiosity

Important values to me are Authenticity, Courage and Beauty.

  • Authenticity is the everlasting path towards awareness and consciousness, bringing in the elements of body, mind and soul into my life and work.
  •  Courage is being adventurous, daring to do things differently.
  •  Curiosity. I am profoundly curious about life, the inherent potential of people and I truly enjoy learning. 

Balance in life

Nature is beauty. Nature is connecting us to something bigger than ourselves. I get my insights walking in the woods, skating over smooth ice at sea, cross-country skiing or hiking in the mountains in the north of Sweden. Abisko has a special place in my heart and I would love to bring more people there. I use nature as a support and inspiration when leading workshops and programs.