Contributing to something bigger than oneself

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We each have to decide what we want to contribute toDo we live to satisfy our ego? Or can we trust in a greater intelligence and heart within us that that serves a greater whole?

Vacation time is over. It is strange to come back to an open calendar which was completely booked six months ago. Postponed is the most common word I hear from my clients. Until beginning of next year. As if everything is over by the New Year. We know less about the future than we used to do.

Leaving vacation behind is normally stepping into the workplace with a summer smile and the sun-bleached and windblown hair in a natural mess. Clothes slightly changed towards the more professional but with a relaxed touch. The body still in a free-floating state. There is usually a bit of expectancy in the air when I meet colleagues and clients. I usually reconnect to the feeling from my childhood of school starting after summer and there is a buzzing energy loaded with hope, joy and curiosity. 

This year there is none of that. Still I have a positive feeling. The transition for me is that I have moved from the archipelago into my home office and put my bum on the seat at my desk and here I am.  Actually, it feels good. I am done with vacation and I want to work. I am recharged. Three weeks at Telegrafholmen outside Sandhamn in the outskirts of the archipelago, starting every morning with yoga, two visits to  Gotland, the island with the magic light and almost a week of sailing up along the east coast from Västervik in 28 degrees of sunshine and with a light wind from the south pushing us forward. I am privileged and grateful.  Now I want to give back to life. I am a resource and I want to contribute.

It is fascinating with an open agenda. I have time to say YES to new assignments, to do more coaching work with individuals and teams. I am longing to do so. To go deeper towards each and everyone´s essence as part of something that is bigger than oneself. Can we trust a greater intelligence within us? Our individual purpose makes us blossom, but not as a separate entity, but as part of something bigger that we create with other people. There is an interdependency with others. A synchronization that is necessary and beyond our ego. If we get stuck in fear and ego, we diminish our and other´s possibilities to create magic together. It is like saying no to success.

I can see how many people have opened up to a more vulnerable space inside themselves when the Corona pandemic has forced us to step out of our normal routines. Vacation has further dismantled our habits of doing things a certain way.  It opens up for the possibility to zoom out and like a bird fly over our personal and professional systems that we are part of and reevaluate.

Flying over your personal and professional system. What do you see? How can you contribute to the whole, the success and wellbeing of these systems while parking your fears and ego? If we give, we will get. It is the law of attraction. We might not get from the person we give to, but the bigger picture will pay back.  

Looking at the professional system you are in at present, ask yourself:

❤️   If I am going to serve, to contribute to something magical, be it a supply chain process, a new product, finances and reporting, whatever you are called to put your heart, skills and effort into, how can I best serve the bigger picture?

❤️  Serving the bigger picture, what do I need to let go of? Do more of?