Slowing down to the speed of presence


Slowing down to the speed of presence, I heard this expression from Alan Seale, Center for Transformational Presence, recently and it hit me like a boomerang. And it has continued to hit me. For days I have walked around trying to figure out what it means for me. What is paradoxical is that it is not about figuring out, it is about surrendering. Surrendering for me is letting go, while leaning into something that is bigger than me. Figuring out is using my intellect to find an answer which I have found can be exhausting, taking more energy and giving me less clever answers. The answers come when I let go from a point of presence.

What is a point of presence?  It is when I am grounded, my feet feeling the pull of gravitation from the earth, and from that point I am lengthening up through the spine and upwards, as if there is a heaven and earth connection and these can meet in my heart. I am in touch with my breathing which goes deep down into my belly.

The slowing down to the speed of presence seems to be about slowing down to my point of presence in the midst of the speediness that is going on around me. Allowing me to stop the result-oriented energy that do not take into account what is going on around me. Life is what happens when I am busy doing other things.  Can I hear the songs of the birds? I take a deep conscious breath and stop writing…Right now, I am hearing a dove outside and there is something that is very soothing with that sound. Do I see the light green leaves of the birches and can I hear them fluttering in the wind?When I went for a walk this morning I stopped short on the path I was walking and was amazed of the beauty of the experience of just being with the sound of the fragile birch leaves. It is amazing to just stop and be present to what is both outside myself and what happens to me on the inside.  The slowing down, the smile that comes to my lips, the softening of my eyes.

❤️How can you slow down to the speed of presence in the midst of what you are doing?

❤️What do you discover?