Slow is fast


How many moments have you had sitting down, just hanging out, feeling perfectly happy with just being present during these past months?  One of the messages I got from home growing up is: Life is hard work.  I thought I had managed to distance myself from that message, but I realize it is hard wired and something is still pushing me from the inside. I want to say: “Thank you thank you” to that voice. “You have done your work, now please take vacation”. This sentence revitalizes the question in me: What feels important to carry forward? And what do I need to leave behind?

This weekend for the first time I sat down without doing anything. No webinar, no podcast, no reading. After a long cold spring, the sun has arrived with the warm healing energy that invites the body to relax and enjoy. I was in the archipelago on the deck outside my house, looking out through the pine trees at the sea.  No more. Looking closer at the pine trees I notice how they come together as two, like a couple. Beautiful. I smile to the cones and it is like they greet me. It struck me how lost I have been without the normal structure in my life and with too much ambition to catch up in different areas of my life.  Just sitting, I let the sun into my heart and my body and feel how happy it becomes. I fall asleep. I wake up a bit later feeling grateful and happy, peaceful and alive.

Slow is fast

Slow is fast. Slowing down is speeding up and in order to get results in this complex world, we need to let go and let come.  Results that are meaningful and transformative are not going to happen if we are not present with the space of the unknown, the space of being. I would like to commit to leave behind my speediness which acts without reflection.  What I want to carry forward is what emerges from slowing down. More moments on the deck watching the pine trees.  Enabling myself to connect to the wisdom I am, not running away from it.

❤️ What feels important to carry forward?

❤️ What do you need to leave behind?

❤️ What do you want to commit to?