Being a human being in Corona times


It is not easy to be a human being in these Corona times. For many of us it has activated the feeling of loneliness and vulnerability. I believe we are wired for emotional connection and physical touch.  I miss both more and more once I now have had my share of being a hermit in my own home.

Where is the being?

Eleven weeks have passed, and I can see how I have been busy with the doing in the midst of all the possibilities for being. When everything is turned upside down, we are given an extraordinary chance to change patterns and do things differently. And yes, I have taken the opportunity, I have been so happy to clear out, sell and give all kinds of things to charity. My garage makes me smile instead of sigh. I have signed up for digital courses and have a digital community with fellow participants to practice with. It goes on and on, but the patterns have not changed.  Where is the being? The being part comes every morning when I sit down to do my meditation after several detours doing laundry, finding one email I just have to respond to, attending to my plants and other things that suddenly become important.  Once I am in the room on my meditation cushion with the morning sun hitting my face, the beauty of the day dawns upon me and I feel relieved.  Why do a detour?

Maybe it has to do with the society we have been living in up till now.  Achievements are measured in how productive we have been, productivity being a tangible output, not soft stuff like increased consciousness or inner calm. We are programmed to deliver, to do, not to be. Seeing someone sitting contemplating in an office will immediately start fantasies about this person not being engaged. What if it is the other way around?  What if the person is creating space inside, allowing insights to come inspiring courageous moves forward?

A birth of possibilities

There is an enormous opportunity with the Corona confinement.  A birth of possibilities. We can open up to letting go of our ordinary patterns and ways of doing things. The starting point being compassion for our hard-working soul, a softening which may allow the spiritual part of our soul to be honored. It is there, always, but for many it is unexplored territory. We tend to forget that we are all spiritual beings with a human experience.

Bliss moments

What does it mean to be in touch with the spiritual part of ourselves? Spirituality is a loaded word because it has been associated with religion, patriarchal structures and the abuse of power. Spirituality, for me, is the deep sense of connection with myself and the universe, the feeling and knowing that everything is connected.  I do not know where it starts and where it ends but it is perfect the way it is.  Most of us have probably had moments like that. Bliss moments when everything stop, and we experience presence and beauty beyond words.

In my bliss moments I feel the love I carry in my heart which I want to let out. It is like a bird that wants to spread its winds and float with ease and joy, giving and receiving. Right now, as a consequence of the Corona pandemic, it feels like this bird has become a nestling, more vulnerable, the wings are heavy. The energy is not there. I am not sure how to relate to it. What I am reminded about again is the PAUSE. Accept this time for what it offers and one day will come when I again will fly like a bird with new grace and dignity, and so will you and many others.

❤️ What patterns do you need to let go of in order to balance your doing? with your being?

❤️ What do you connect to inside yourself in your bliss moments?