Connecting leaders & teams to wisdom

We bring an abundance of knowledge, heart and commitment into serving our clients. Our belief is that humanistic leadership will bring the most sustainable results.


Coming from knowledge and consciousness, we bring our extensive experience to assist you and your team 

Coaching Executives & Groups

The outcome of our coaching engagements with executives and groups, is a sense of relief and energy. There is a greater awareness of self and the ecosystem and how to move forward with sustainable actions.     

Leadership Development Programs & Customised Team Workshops​

The outcome of the SML, Self Managing Leadership program (Oxford Leadership), is greater self-awareness, confidence and calmness. Other programs bring useful tools for teams and clarity about strategic priorities.  

The outcome of our team workshops is greater system awareness and trust where crucial conversations and mutual accountability can turn into  sustainable habits.


The outcome of our webinar engagements is inspiration, insights and practical hands on tools which can be applied immediately in a leadership role. 

We desperately need more leaders who are committed to courageous, wholehearted leadership and who are self-aware enough to lead from their hearts, rather than unevolved leaders who lead from hurt and fear.

– Brené Brown

What our customers say

We are passionate and purpose driven and genuinely interested in being of service to our clients

"Coaching has been the strongest success factor in developing as a leader and becoming successful in a short period of time. Agneta has a unique capability to make me feel like a winner after every meeting with her. Problems become crystal clear. She is wise, inspiring and gives me energy!"
Marketing Manager, Telia telecommunication
"I chose Agneta for our team's development for a couple of reasons. Agneta has an outstanding energy that she transmits to her surroundings and she is a very skilled coach. You can feel her experience and trust so that you really let yourself become open minded. The whole team of 25 people had never before been so joyful and satisfied with the outcome of the results we made! "
ICA ITC,Retail
"Agneta has now worked with us for 10+ years. She is a highly skilled professional, that always deliver above expectations. She is one of a kind. Participants in the program Personal Leadership appreciate that she is open, calm and wise. She is passionate and genuinely interested, participants feel seen by her. She has clearly an in depth knowledge and the ability to get exactly to the point."​
IF Insurance,
People Strategy & Development


We have deep and wide experience of organisations

InterRelate has more than fifteen years of experience of guiding individuals and teams towards greater awareness, harmony and results. We build high-trust relationships with our clients that last over time. Customer ratings are always very positive with 90% of our participants in workshops awarding the highest possible rating.

An open book


Wisdom is the integration of life experiences and knowledge turned into a deeper knowing. Inspirational material will serve us on the path towards wisdom. Harnessing findings from academic research, neuroscience as well as wisdom traditions, we share some of the resources that keep influencing us. 

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