"Our team development workshops with Agneta exceeded everyone’s expectations. We all took a lot away from the sessions and we suddenly saw our colleagues in a new and fresh way. We got to know each other so much better and understand how we are perceived by others. Agneta has a fantastic ability to create a safe environment that enables all participants to open up with confidence. With her positive approach, excellent preparation and execution of the workshop, not to mention her caring personality, she got everyone actively engaged."

Kurt, Division Executive, Bravida, Construction Company

"I chose Agneta for our team's development for a couple of reasons.
Agneta has an outstanding energy that she transmits to her surroundings and she is a very skilled coach. You can feel her experience and trust so that you really let yourself become open minded. The whole team of 25 people had never before been so joyful and satisfied with the outcome of the results we made! We will continue our relationship with Agneta to ensure long life learning and improvement of the quality of our work."

Karin, Project Director ICA ITC, retail



"Coaching has been the strongest success factor in developing as a leader and becoming successful in a short period of time. Agneta has a unique capability to make me feel like a winner after every meeting with her. Problems become crystal clear. She is wise, inspiring and gives me energy!"

Maria, Marketing Manager, Telia, telecommunication

"I started to work with Agneta as a coach when I was in the middle of a tough leadership job. With Agneta I could be honest and open, coming to the right prioritizations and becoming more confident and true to myself as a leader. I have grown as a person. Agneta is fantastic for me."

Elisabet, Department Manager, Statoil, major oil company

"Coaching with Agneta gives me a unique possibility to stop and reflect over my actions, become clear about how to handle difficult situations and how to lead towards our goals. Being both empathic and structured, Agneta has a natural talent to be methodological and supportive in each dialogue, guiding towards results."

Jacob, Project Director, SBAB, financial institution